Paris, my Love, we will be together soon....

It is hard for me to sit still in one location. The urge to travel, explore, to thrust myself in foreign and sometimes disconcerting environments consumes me fairly often. Unfortunately, a lack of time and funds does not always make it conducive to fulfill of these urges. During these times, I vicariously live through the shows on the Travel Channel and through the travels of my friends and family. These days, I have been experiencing the world through the eyes (and photographs) of my sister.

There are certain cities in the world that somehow, unknowingly they seep under your skin and become a part of you. Paris, for me is one of those cities. I first visited Paris as a child with my parents and baby sister during my summer vacation. I have some distinct memories of that trip, but most of it is rather hazy. I rediscovered Paris, as a college student, on the cusp of adulthood. Since then I have returned repeatedly- each time in search of love, career, inspiration or solace.
And during those odd times, I did not find what I was looking for in Paris, well then there was always the sidewalk cafes, the bistros, brasseries, bakeries and all that good food....

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