Birthing a New Blog

I would like to introduce you to my new blog - Borderless Culture Life & Style!!!

I decided to create lifestyle blog to supplement this one because for many years now, I have found a lack of magazines, websites, etc. that catered to the life of the well traveled, well informed individual and/or global nomad. I felt that a lot of publications that attempt to cater to that global spirit tend to be overly commercial and superficial. (Most of these magazines seemed to assume that if you were a global nomad, then you undoubtedly shopped at Gucci and skied in Zermatt. End of story. We bought global multi-national brands and traveled to luxurious locations and vacationed on yachts. That was our whole identity). Even if all I did was shop, ski and sail, I still could not relate to the advertisers and many of the articles. While I am well educated and professionally content, I was still often priced out of many of the products, hotels, etc they were promoting. And so I decided to survey the best and brightest of my internationally minded friends and found that I was not alone.

While we adore good design, good food - generally the good life, we are also concerned about the state of the world; the environment, social and economic inequities. We value intellectual rigor as much as a side splitting laugh and silly banter. And while we weren't always rich (just yet), we want our lives to be rich with experiences and knowledge.

So this new blog attempts to focus on the real lifestyle of the global nomad. It's more lighthearted and playful in tone and hopefully will have a lot of heart. I plan to cover my favorite topics like food, travel, living and moving globally, books, design, people, love, entertainment and just every day life. Currently, it has three new posts - "Why a new blog?" and "The Happiest Place on Earth - and it ain't Disneyland," and "The Silk Road 2023."

Check it out but keep in mind that I am still in the development stages. And since I have set up a tall order for myself, I would really appreciate your ideas and comments.

Borderless Culture Life & Style
I hope you will enjoy it....

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