Living Large in Los Angeles

It is really an obsession- my love of travel. Aside from experiencing the unknown, the foreign and the new, I enjoy the feeling of being pushed out of my comfort zone. However, perpetual travel would be unrealistic, not to mention exhausting (physically and financially). And so I have turned my focus locally to Los Angeles. I have decided to tour Los Angeles with the zeal of a wide-eyed traveler, a fleeting visitor- and hopefully in the process, learn a little about the city I currently call home.

My first stop was the Greystone Estate. Where better to observe the lifestyle of the rich and famous than Los Angeles?

Greystone Estate located in Beverly Hills, was once owned by Edward Doheny who came out west in the late 1800's and made his fortune in gold and oil. Edward Doheny gifted the 12.58 acres of land to his son Ned in 1926. The house was built in 1928 and at that time already cost over $3 million to build!!!! The house spans 46,054 sq. ft. with 55 rooms, numerous bars (despite the house being built during Prohibition) and a two lane bowling alley in the basement. It took a staff of 36 people to keep this estate operational. One could easily wander through the house endlessly or disappear for days without being found. Adding to the historic intrigue - shortly after moving in with his family and five children, Ned was found shot to death in on February 16, 1929 by his personal aide.

In 1965, the City of Beverly Hills purchased the estate. In 1976, the Greystone Estate was officially deemed a historic landmark. The house has been used as a backdrop for many movies including "Indecent Proposal" and "The Bodyguard."

On the day, I visited the Estate was also the day of the Design Showcase - where selected interior designers from around Los Angeles were given the task of redecorating the rooms temporarily. Thirty-two of the rooms were redone. While the designs were generally not awe-inspiring, there were a few rooms that were playful and animated that I enjoyed. (Who wouldn't like a swing in their room). I have included a few pictures of the redesigned rooms below. [ Valet's Bedroom (by Arlene Wexler)].

The Library (by Suzanne Furst)

Lily Pond with turtles and Koi

Dining Room (by John L. Cole) - Look at that coral!!

Aquarium in a frame - see the fish?
This was definitely the most fun and creative room with a halo of feathers floating above the bed. The designer (Jonathan Fong) said that he had designed the guestroom for God. I hope God likes California chic.

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